LITTLE INDIA CELEBRATES Tamil New Year & Indian Cultural Fiesta 2023

LISHA has managed to line up a series of events to mark the celebration.

Indians are one of the major four races in Singapore. Although Indians in Singapore predominantly refer to the Tamils who are the majority, there are noticeably other sub-Indian ethnic groups as well.

According to the Department of Statistics Indians in Singapore besides Tamils, also includes Assam, Bengali, Ceylon Tamil, Gujarati, Hindi, Indian Muslims, Indian Peranakan, Kannada, Maharashtra, Malayalee, Marwari, Punjabi, Sindhi, Telugu, etc.

According to the Tamil Calendar, the Tamil New Year falls on the 14th of April almost every year. Almost all the other Indian sub-ethnic groups also have their respective New Year around the same period.

LISHA wants to be inclusive of all the Indian ethnic groups and not only focus on Tamil, thus we are celebrating this Indian Cultural Fiesta event. It is celebrated every year not only to mark the respective New Year but also to cultivate understanding and tolerance among all the Indian ethnic groups in Singapore.

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